How To Set Accurate Rent Prices on Your Rental Property

Identifying the rent prices for your rental properties is not easy; you cannot simply guess figures and impose it as your monthly rent. For you to be able to come up with the accurate amount of rent; conduct a market research and learn about the recent trends in the real estate rental market.

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Call now for the best deals on Toronto Real estate and Mortgage Rates! 647-287-8744

1. Assess the Market

Find out how much other landlords charge for the monthly rent of their rental property. Start by finding “for rent” homes in magazines, print ads, news papers or online listing sites. Find homes that you think are the same with the type of your rental property within your neighborhood. In case the price of rent was not stated in the advertisement, contact the person in charge and act as if you really want to rent their rental property. Moreover, ask about the essential information like the amount they collect for rent, the amenities in the property and the floor area, etc.

A qualified Realtor can do this for you, but make sure he/she invests themselves and has extensive experience in this area!

If you are new in rental home business, you can speak to someone who is expert and have a vast knowledge in rental property business. Otherwise, you can hire a professional property management company in your neighborhood. They are the right people to run to since they are skilled in dealing with issues about property management, doing repairs and resolving tenancy issues. Besides, they have sufficient knowledge and information about what rental rates are apt for properties analogous to yours.

2. Forecast Market Movement

If you wish to thrive in rental property business you have to keep yourself updated to the current developments in the market. You can refer to online listing sites, magazines or print ads at least once a week. Observe the movements occurring at the apartment complexes. If you think they are one month free of rent, this just signifies that there is a high occurrence of vacancy. If you perceive that there had been an increase in the rent of many apartment units or rental homes, it means that there had been a change in the market that is in favor of rental owners.

3. What’s the Cost of Living In Your Locale?

Another aspect that you may need to consider in setting rent is the cost of living in your country or your area. Did the Consumer Price Index (CPI) amplified? Most often than not, when the prices of commodities and services in your locale go up it is expected that the rental rates will also get higher. Nevertheless, you still have to consider the financial capability of your prospect renters. If you will charge a high rent for your home potential renters might just get discouraged and seek for other homes in your area.

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