Features of a House That Result in a High Resale Value

A home purchase represents one of the largest investments you will ever make. In my experience as a GTA real estate agent, these amenities are very popular with buyers.


Though many Canadians are turning to smaller homes, the garage remains an area where extra space is welcome. Most consumers still want a two-car garage, and many look for a three-car unit to provide extra storage space. Look for a large, attached garage, and check that the door opener works properly. The automatic door reverse, an important safety feature, should function perfectly. Take note of work benches and shelving, which are always a plus.


Well laid-out living areas with generous storage space appeal to almost everyone. Remember that you can never have too many closets. Look for a pantry, linen closets and walk-in closets in the master bedroom. These storage spaces add value and livability to large and small homes alike. An entryway closet provides necessary space for hanging visitors’ coats, and back-door closets accommodate bulky family outerwear. Built-in storage spaces in living areas are useful for keeping belongings out of sight but accessible.

Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the focal point of most homes, so make sure this room is modern, warm and welcoming. The kitchen should feature attractive flooring in good condition. Tile, stone and laminate continue to be popular. Wood is attractive, but keep in mind its susceptibility to water damage if you have children. Look for attractive cabinets in good condition because replacement is expensive. Adequate work space is a must, especially for families who enjoy cooking together.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures will save you money and reduce damage to the environment. Tankless water systems deliver hot water on demand, eliminating the need to run water while waiting for it to heat. Efficient kitchen and laundry room appliances, high-efficiency furnaces and low-flow toilets also save energy. Look for insulated, double-hung windows that let in lots of natural light while keeping the house’s thermal envelope intact.

Outdoor living areas

An attractive outdoor living space will increase your living area and allow you to take advantage of beautiful summer weather. Water features, fireplaces, grilling areas and built-in kitchens offer great opportunities for entertaining and let homeowners enjoy resort-like settings in their own back yards.

As a trusted real estate agent with years of experience, I have assisted many buyers find their dream homes.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.


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