Selling Your Property In The Winter Months: What You Need To Know

Selling Your Property In The Winter Months: What You Need To Know

Thinking about putting your home on the market in the near future? Considering a home purchase during the winter months? As winter weather starts to settle in, seasonal considerations regarding the real estate market must be addressed. Now could be the right time to buy or sell, but be sure to review aspects of the winter real estate market prior to making a serious commitment.

Attracting Buyers

Cold weather tends to keep people indoors during the winter months, and many home buyers are not interested in searching for a home in inclement weather. Waiting months to sell a home is not always reasonable, so knowing how to make a home as appealing as possible in any season is essential. Use the tips below to boost curb appeal and attract buyers.

– Make the home as accessible as possible. Clear snow from the driveway and curb in front of the home to ensure that visitors will have a place to park. Thoroughly clear walkways and remove ice to keep visitors from feeling turned off by dangerous paths.

– Keep landscaping neatly trimmed. Not only does this improve the appearance of the outside of the home, but it also prevents branches from causing damage to the home when winter winds are blowing.

Impressing Buyers

Getting potential buyers in the door is just one piece of the puzzle. A home needs to feel inviting, so it’s important to set the thermostat accordingly to give the impression of comfort and coziness.

If it is the holiday season, creating a quaint holiday setting is okay. However, keep decorations scaled to the size of the home, and be cognizant not to over-do it. As a rule, it is recommended that sellers keep their homes as neutral as possible.

Maintaining Realistic Expectations

Homes do sell during the winter months, and employing the assistance of an experienced real estate agent definitely helps. Sales may slow during the holidays because buyers are busy with holiday shopping and festivities. The New Year often brings more buyers to the market after resolutions about owning a new home in the New Year are made, and more free time is available.

As an experienced Greater Toronto Area real estate agent, I understand that some homeowners simply need to buy or sell a home in the winter. While the housing market tends to be slower in the winter, there’s no need to delay purchasing or selling a home until the weather warms up. Call me at 647-287-8744 or email for more information.


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